Forget the Hotel – Rent a Villa

Ever consider a Villa rental for a luxury romantic vacation? You
may want to consider this option verses using a traditional hotel for your
romantic journey.

Villas are essentially a private residence that are put on the market for
rent. Now these villas can very greatly depending on your demands, with a
varying host of amenities. Cost wise you may typically save over staying at
the conventional hotel but you must have realistic expectations.

The beauty of a villa rental is you can get immersed into the culture.
You’ll live like the locals which can ad some favorable spice to a romantic
vacation. However, do keep in mind, a villa is not a hotel. If you
want the satellite TV, spa, and several other amenities, a villa may not be for

If you want a romantic cultural experience, then consider a villa.
You’ll want to engage in this type of activity with an open mind, treat it like
a romantic journey, one you’ll never forget. Your villa may run out of hot
water, come with a broken appliance and no air conditioning. But if you’re
an adventurous one, this could be the perfect setting for you.

We found it best that you contact a management company for your villa
rental. It may cost just a few more dollars than if you went direct to
the villa owner; however, you’re more likely to get what you paid for. A
management company should provide you with a list of references, people who
stayed at a particular villa, and you can call them too. You’ll get the
inside info regarding that particular villa and if it’s right for you or not.
Speaking with someone who has actually visited the villa is extremely

Ask lot of questions to the management company before booking your villa
rental. You’ll want to know how many bedrooms, the entire layout of the
villa, recent photo’s, nearest stores, and what’s the area like around the
villa. You’ll also want to see wide angle pictures of both the inside and
outside of the villa. Pictures can speak a thousand words, so make sure
they are wide angle and not close-up shots. Make a list of questions to
ask the management company, and don’t be afraid to ask.

Keep in mind, you may want a rental car or other services with your villa
like, babysitting, house cleaning, or groceries in your kitchen upon your
arrival. Some management companies can provide these options as well as a
host of activities for your cultural romantic experience, like traditional
cooking classes.

Read the terms of the contract completely. Often it’s a pain
because of all the fine print, but you want to make sure you’re getting what you
asked and paid for. Take the time and read it. Make sure you check
about the refund policy. What happens if some sudden event comes along and
you cannot go on your luxury villa vacation?

And, probably most importantly, you want a representative of the
management company available at all hours, someone you can contact from your
villa incase problems come up. If you stay in a hotel and you have
problems with the room, you simply call the front desk at any hour. You
want the same option while you’re staying in your villa. This will give
you the added peace knowing everything will be taken care of in any uncertain

How to Save Up to 70% in Hotel Rent by Using the Internet

In today’s fast paced environment time is the most important commodity, so it is important to plan your schedule in such a way so that none is wasted. Saving time especially when traveling has become a lot easier due to the advancement in technologies. Internet is one of those technologies. Due to increase in traveling for business and holiday purposes a lot of time person is traveling to a place he has never been before and getting a decent place which full fills all requirements of a person sometimes becomes a little difficult. The ideal way to resolve this problem is through online booking.

Booking a room through the internet has many advantages the first being the variety of choices available on the internet. You can find the rates and packages of not only the most prestigious five star hotels, but you can also compare the deals offered by discount or cheap hotels against each other. You can also obtain all kind of information from the net like how to get from the airport or railway station to the hotel without facing any problem, what are the modes of transportation being offered, how can the hotel help you in resolving this or any other problem. The result is not only convenience and comfort but also the saving of time and money for a person.

Online Hotels Reservations have other benefits also especially for those travelers who are on a limited budget. A traveler can make a choice from plenty of budget hotels so that they know that they have a confirmed room available. Always remember choosing a discount hotel does not necessary mean that the person has to comprise on quality online hotels bookings will help you in big way in this regard. You will also have a peace of mind knowing a room is waiting at the end of a long and maybe tiring journey and in case there is a mix up at the hotel you can always show your reservation receipts to obtain your room. These are some of the ways in which online booking helps a traveler in saving around 70 % percent of his expenses by reducing his transport and accommodation cost.