Choosing Hotel Lounge Furniture

From its humble beginnings as roadside rooms offering basic accommodations to the glass and metal skyscrapers seen today, hotels have a rich history and prominent present. Always seen as places of respite for weary travelers, the hotel is synonymous with the comfortable lounge, a place where one can relax and unwind for an evening or two.

Today hotels have a much broader audience and several hotels rent out rooms for months at a time while others may offer the opportunity to buy a suite or penthouse. High end restaurants and nightclubs all try to partner with successful hotels to promote their brand within a brand and create a full entertainment experience. When you shop for furnishings to enhance your hotel lounge, be sure it is the right fit.

Knowing your market and who the hotel caters to will go a long way in determining the best furniture for your hotel lounge. Some hotels like to have the lounge play a prominent role on the ground floor and may also include a bar, booth seating and large screen plasma TV’s to enhance the lounge experience. Other hotels are less demanding of their lounge and simply need a few comfortable sofas and chairs with ottomans to keep their clientele happy. No matter what style of lounge your hotel promotes, having furniture that fits the theme and purpose will make your inn a more comfortable place to stay.

Hotel managers need to be in tune with the hotel event planners and marketing teams to coordinate ideas and plans so the lounge will be well furnished in anticipation of certain events and special occasions. Your lounge may act as a welcoming stage for an event that is being held in the hotel conference room or it can be used as a cocktail party room for corporate events and even private parties. Furnishing your lounge with comfortable and durable sofas, lounge chairs, bar stools, end tables and ottomans will help provide the background so events can unfold seamlessly.

Finding the furniture that will best match the style of your hotel will require a careful eye for detail and the ability to be similar but unique too. You want your lounge to be part of the hotel brand but also have an identity of its own and this can be accomplished with select hotel furniture pieces that can turn lounge areas into warm and welcoming rooms. Choose furniture that will make staying at your hotel a rewarding experience.