Choosing Hotel Lounge Furniture

From its humble beginnings as roadside rooms offering basic accommodations to the glass and metal skyscrapers seen today, hotels have a rich history and prominent present. Always seen as places of respite for weary travelers, the hotel is synonymous with the comfortable lounge, a place where one can relax and unwind for an evening or two.

Today hotels have a much broader audience and several hotels rent out rooms for months at a time while others may offer the opportunity to buy a suite or penthouse. High end restaurants and nightclubs all try to partner with successful hotels to promote their brand within a brand and create a full entertainment experience. When you shop for furnishings to enhance your hotel lounge, be sure it is the right fit.

Knowing your market and who the hotel caters to will go a long way in determining the best furniture for your hotel lounge. Some hotels like to have the lounge play a prominent role on the ground floor and may also include a bar, booth seating and large screen plasma TV’s to enhance the lounge experience. Other hotels are less demanding of their lounge and simply need a few comfortable sofas and chairs with ottomans to keep their clientele happy. No matter what style of lounge your hotel promotes, having furniture that fits the theme and purpose will make your inn a more comfortable place to stay.

Hotel managers need to be in tune with the hotel event planners and marketing teams to coordinate ideas and plans so the lounge will be well furnished in anticipation of certain events and special occasions. Your lounge may act as a welcoming stage for an event that is being held in the hotel conference room or it can be used as a cocktail party room for corporate events and even private parties. Furnishing your lounge with comfortable and durable sofas, lounge chairs, bar stools, end tables and ottomans will help provide the background so events can unfold seamlessly.

Finding the furniture that will best match the style of your hotel will require a careful eye for detail and the ability to be similar but unique too. You want your lounge to be part of the hotel brand but also have an identity of its own and this can be accomplished with select hotel furniture pieces that can turn lounge areas into warm and welcoming rooms. Choose furniture that will make staying at your hotel a rewarding experience.

Derive Delightful Discounts, Only at Discount Hotels

Discounts are surefire ways to get people buying. The appeal, perhaps, lies in the fact that one is getting something – whether it is a service, a product, or something else of value – at a lower price than normal. This applies to hotels, as well. The next time travelers find themselves flying to Manila, it would be in their interest to book at Discount Manila Hotels if they want to save money while enjoying the place.

Say goodbye to standard rack rates-all you need to get big discounts off even the best hotels in Manila is a little time and effort. Planning ahead is the key to success and savings, and using all tools at one’s disposal is essential to guarantee your discounts.

Research should be a priority; remember that saying about how information is ammunition? Knowing what each hotel’s rates are and finding out if there are discounted rates is the first step. The Internet offers a vast array of information about this. You can view booking sites and even the hotel’s home page itself to find out more about their amenities, reservations, and rates.

Travelers can get first rate accommodations for much less than the standard rate, provided they are patient enough to look for the information on where it is best to book and which of these hotels are offering reduced rates or discounts. It shouldn’t take too much effort to find information online; it should only take around a few clicks of one’s mouse.

Significant rate reductions also occur during off peak times of the year, when the demand for the hotel services isn’t as high as in most other times. This creates an opportunity for the travelers to get great value for their money and at the same time, it lets the hotels earn money for rooms that would only be gathering dust during off peak periods. Furthermore, the traveler can select from a variety of available rooms, and not be limited to spare rooms that the hotel rents away at giveaway rates.

The best part of renting at discount prices is that guests get the same quality for rooms that would otherwise have been offered at higher rates. From comfortable beds to fully-furnished interiors, there should be no drop in quality whatsoever despite the lower expenditure.

Along with comfort, discount hotels in Manila offer convenience at its finest. No need to spend valuable time trying to scuttle from one place to the next, because Manila’s hotels make it a point to stay close to important places such as banks, commercial buildings, restaurants, money exchange, and shopping malls. Guests will have what they need right at their fingertips.

Why settle for big expenses when you can get great hotel reservations for less? Discount Manila Hotels offer a unique opportunity to enjoy a good stay at the hotel of your choice, and you don’t even have to break the bank to do so. Just sit back, relax, and experience the life in Manila and the Philippines. Make your reservations today!

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Combine a Reverse Mortgage and Condo Hotel for the Ultimate Retirement Plan

A reverse mortgage is a widely misunderstood financial tool. For those of us who understand this new loan program we wonder, when will the tipping point of consumer education occur? When will more people choose to embrace this incredible loan program for seniors?

For me a reverse mortgage is simple, I get my cake and to eat it too. I get to keep my home ‘until the day I and my spouse die’ without any mortgage payments, and I get my money out and liquid for other investment, or use, for the rest of my life.

The main question to ask is: “what could I do with my home equity that would safely generate more income for my lifestyle?”

Here’s where another new real estate innovation comes in, the condo hotel. Condo hotels are suite or condos within the luxury of 4-star or higher hotels that individuals can own, use, and rent as part of the hotel on a nightly basis – without any rental hassle. The hotel rents your condo whenever you are not in residence. The hotel management handles all the maintenance, and treats the owner-guest to luxuries that are beyond typical vacation condo ownership.

Here’s how the math might work. If a senior wants a second home/condo in a warm and sunny destination for 30-60 days a year, but always wants a home in the northern location, but doesn’t want to drain their savings and certainly does not want to be payment strapped with 2 homes, expenses, utlitlies, decorating expense etc.

Let’s say the “midwest home” is worth $300,000 and has a $50,000 mortgage with $700/mo in payments. The senior can borrow $200,000 on a reverse mortgage (lump sum cash out option) and pay off their home mortgage – and never make another payment as long as they live in this home, never.

With the additional $150,000 cash out they can buy a condo hotel, possibly free and clear. Use it luxuriously for 30-60 days when the winter winds blow. The day the senior checks out of his condo, the hotel seamlessly rents the property and the owner shares in the rental income. Conservative figures in many properties may produce $6,000+ a year in income above the condo dues, and tax expenses.

This is potentially $6,000+ in tax deferred income since property depreciation will help offset rental income.

Reverse mortgages and condo hotels are complex financial tools and should not be entered into without understanding all the details and how these loans may effect your unique personal financial situation. Real estate speculation is risky and should be considered as such, this article is not meant to sell any specific property. These figures are not in any way based on any actual property and are just an example of an idea which many baby boomers will wish to explore further as they search for the right retirement residence options. Being creative and open-minded about new options will benefit the lifestyle of future retirees.

These and other creative retirement home strategies are explored in a new book called “Besting – Better Nesting” about new forms of retirement and vacation ownership like – condo hotel, fractional, private residence clubs and timeshare.

Memorable Moments in New York City and Its Hotels

Have a memorable trip to New York City! Fun and excitement waits for you in every corner of the city. The splendid life style of people of the city is awe-inspiring. Both day and night life of New York City is passionate and there are all kinds of recreational centers around the city. Bars, puffs, restaurants, theatre, clubs and other many more modern cultures prevail in the city in huge numbers. Tourists get so much engaged in these recreational activities that they never feel bore or alone in New York City. However, the city also presents its exciting culture, fashion, art, world class museums, monuments, skyscrapers and above all the city houses different categories of hotel accommodations that include Discount and Deluxe Hotels In New York City. For instance, the hotels like Hilton Hotel, La Quinta Inn Queens, Best Western President, etc some of the luxury hotels worth to mention.

When you select the luxury motels for your stay then such hotels not only accommodate you for mere staying but it offers lots of entertaining activities like celebrating your special day in the nice arrangements of halls where delicious meals and drinks are served. Deluxe or luxury hotels offer discount price in their hotel service, room rents, taxes, etc. In the festivals and special occasions like Christmas and New Year hotel rents are cheaper in comparison to rents that exist whole year. Discount Hotels In New York are having thousands and thousands of room accommodations. So any time you can accommodate yourself in one of such hotel rooms.

New York City tour is an interesting matter for all because you can experience helicopter tour, bus tour, ferry tour, etc. The city of New York is also known for its famous museums, galleries, ancient architecture, and other various recreational venues. The alluring tourist destinations are the Empire State Building, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square and Broadway. To see and experience all such wonders New York City Hotels have the excellent arrangements of conveyance for tourist.

Condo Hotel For Sale And How To Buy Them

Condo hotel for sale are available in many more advanced hotels. These hotels offer a few hotel apartments for sale and provide all multi star hotel facilities to its customers. The condo hotels for sale are available in all major cities in United States and can be purchased at the reasonable prices. The hotels provide a minimum of four star hotel facilities to its customers and offers including excellent restaurant services, swimming pool, indoor games, conference hall facility if required and many more.

A large number of hotels offer few compartments to the people interested in condo hotel for sale. The facilities are good for people visiting the destinations regularly. It is one of the good investment opportunities to the people who have to pay the hotel rent for many times in a year. The condo hotels can be utilized at the will of the purchaser and for the remaining time these condo hotels can also be offered for rent.

The condo hotel or hotel apartment, which you have purchased from the hotel, will generally be looked after by the hotel staff and you will get a share of the rent received by the hotel. The investment in condo hotel is therefore a good opportunity as you can utilize the apartment and as well as you can also receive the money for its utilization by others. The property appreciation rate is also best in these hotel condos and you can expect a good return on your investment.

If you enjoy outing and travel for a few days in a month, hotel condos may be a suitable option for you to invest your money in real estate. These luxurious condos may be a dream vacations for you and your family. Only you have to look out a genuine condo hotel for sale suitable to meet your requirement. Information on condo hotel for sale is available at various website or you can also contact to a real estate agent or hotel owner directly and check the availability of a suitable hotel apartment. Depending upon the availability of the condo hotel and its suitability for you the price negotiation and other facilities offered to you should be discussed with the owner of the hotel.

The terms and conditions of the condo hotel offered to you will be made by the hotel representative or owner and will be provided to you. The detailed terms and conditions should be checked and if you have objection with any terms, necessary modifications or change should be asked for. Condo hotel is therefore provides a residence for you and your family while you or your family is in the city and also provides a good investment option in real estate.

Forget the Hotel – Rent a Villa

Ever consider a Villa rental for a luxury romantic vacation? You
may want to consider this option verses using a traditional hotel for your
romantic journey.

Villas are essentially a private residence that are put on the market for
rent. Now these villas can very greatly depending on your demands, with a
varying host of amenities. Cost wise you may typically save over staying at
the conventional hotel but you must have realistic expectations.

The beauty of a villa rental is you can get immersed into the culture.
You’ll live like the locals which can ad some favorable spice to a romantic
vacation. However, do keep in mind, a villa is not a hotel. If you
want the satellite TV, spa, and several other amenities, a villa may not be for

If you want a romantic cultural experience, then consider a villa.
You’ll want to engage in this type of activity with an open mind, treat it like
a romantic journey, one you’ll never forget. Your villa may run out of hot
water, come with a broken appliance and no air conditioning. But if you’re
an adventurous one, this could be the perfect setting for you.

We found it best that you contact a management company for your villa
rental. It may cost just a few more dollars than if you went direct to
the villa owner; however, you’re more likely to get what you paid for. A
management company should provide you with a list of references, people who
stayed at a particular villa, and you can call them too. You’ll get the
inside info regarding that particular villa and if it’s right for you or not.
Speaking with someone who has actually visited the villa is extremely

Ask lot of questions to the management company before booking your villa
rental. You’ll want to know how many bedrooms, the entire layout of the
villa, recent photo’s, nearest stores, and what’s the area like around the
villa. You’ll also want to see wide angle pictures of both the inside and
outside of the villa. Pictures can speak a thousand words, so make sure
they are wide angle and not close-up shots. Make a list of questions to
ask the management company, and don’t be afraid to ask.

Keep in mind, you may want a rental car or other services with your villa
like, babysitting, house cleaning, or groceries in your kitchen upon your
arrival. Some management companies can provide these options as well as a
host of activities for your cultural romantic experience, like traditional
cooking classes.

Read the terms of the contract completely. Often it’s a pain
because of all the fine print, but you want to make sure you’re getting what you
asked and paid for. Take the time and read it. Make sure you check
about the refund policy. What happens if some sudden event comes along and
you cannot go on your luxury villa vacation?

And, probably most importantly, you want a representative of the
management company available at all hours, someone you can contact from your
villa incase problems come up. If you stay in a hotel and you have
problems with the room, you simply call the front desk at any hour. You
want the same option while you’re staying in your villa. This will give
you the added peace knowing everything will be taken care of in any uncertain

How to Save Up to 70% in Hotel Rent by Using the Internet

In today’s fast paced environment time is the most important commodity, so it is important to plan your schedule in such a way so that none is wasted. Saving time especially when traveling has become a lot easier due to the advancement in technologies. Internet is one of those technologies. Due to increase in traveling for business and holiday purposes a lot of time person is traveling to a place he has never been before and getting a decent place which full fills all requirements of a person sometimes becomes a little difficult. The ideal way to resolve this problem is through online booking.

Booking a room through the internet has many advantages the first being the variety of choices available on the internet. You can find the rates and packages of not only the most prestigious five star hotels, but you can also compare the deals offered by discount or cheap hotels against each other. You can also obtain all kind of information from the net like how to get from the airport or railway station to the hotel without facing any problem, what are the modes of transportation being offered, how can the hotel help you in resolving this or any other problem. The result is not only convenience and comfort but also the saving of time and money for a person.

Online Hotels Reservations have other benefits also especially for those travelers who are on a limited budget. A traveler can make a choice from plenty of budget hotels so that they know that they have a confirmed room available. Always remember choosing a discount hotel does not necessary mean that the person has to comprise on quality online hotels bookings will help you in big way in this regard. You will also have a peace of mind knowing a room is waiting at the end of a long and maybe tiring journey and in case there is a mix up at the hotel you can always show your reservation receipts to obtain your room. These are some of the ways in which online booking helps a traveler in saving around 70 % percent of his expenses by reducing his transport and accommodation cost.